About Extremadura

The Extremadura region of Spain is the Mecca of Spanish carp angling. Carp fishing in Spain does not get better than in Extremadura. The region has 3 or 4 of Spain’s top carp waters and has two of the country’s largest rivers running through the region. The jewel in the crown of the region is Lake Orellana on the Guadiana river system. As with most of the waters in Spain this incredible lake has been under the radar for many years. That is all about to change as the news of 30kg plus uncaught carp has finally started to find its way to the larger carp angling community. The secret is out. If a specimen carp angling adventure on a breath-taking water is what you’re looking for the Extremadura region of Spain is the place for you.

Lake Orellana

orellana best carp fishing holidayLake Orellana is Spain and one of Europe’s premier specimen Carp fishing venues. It is located in the Extremadura region of Spain and was created from the damming of Spain’s fifth largest river. The river was dammed in the 1960’s which has created a myriad of lakes and river sections. Lake Orellana at over 5000 hectares is one of the largest and the most famous of these. This lake has a mystical atmosphere that gets under the skin of anyone who has fished here. Set as it is in an outstanding natural environment, this is every carp anglers dream locationCatch Carp Spain has spent the last two decades researching this unbelievable body of water to find the best fishing locations for our clients to enjoy.

Lake Orellana was stocked when first created in the 60s and has never been stocked since. The fish are a wild indigenous hard fighting strain of carp which have grown to massive sizes which makes for an unforgettable carp fishing experience. Due to the fantastic water quality and abundance of natural food i.e. crayfish, there is a plentiful head of monster carp in this water system. Catch Carp Spain clients regularly catch fish over 40lb and more and more fish in recent years are being caught up to and over 70lbs. The majority of these carp have never seen a hook before and fight incredibly hard all the way to the net.

Although access has historically been difficult from 2013 onwards two thirds of the lake has been opened up to boats. Catch Carp Spain is able to take advantage of this having recently acquired a 6m landing craft. We can now access all of the best fishing spots on the lake.

Thanks to the climate we have here in Spain it is possible to fish all year round though we do close for July and August due to the heat. Come and spend some time on the bank with us and see for yourself what a carp angling adventure you can have on Lake Orellana.

Sierra Brava

sierra brava carp fishing holidayThis is one of Spains’ newer carp waters located in the Extremadura region of Spain, created in 1996 by the damming of the River Pizaroso. Sierra Brava is one of Spain’s few stocked day ticket waters. The lake is approximately 1650 hectares and is very much a lake of 2 halves. The top half of the lake where the dam is located is open water with an abundance of large bays. The bottom half has many inlets and small bays with lots of areas where trees have been left when the lake was created. This makes for some of the most exciting and challenging snag fishing holiday you’ll experience.

When this lake was originally stocked in 1996, approximately 15,000 common and mirror carp at an average weight of around 2lbs together with some larger fish were introduced into the lake. These fish are already reaching the unbelievable size of over 70lbs. However due to overstocking in recent years catches of 40lbs plus fish are getting harder to catch. The big fish are still there but it is becoming increasingly difficult to catch them due to the numbers of smaller fish in the water.

As you can imagine with an abundance of smaller fish in the water runs are plentiful.

As you might expect, there is a real buzz in Spain about this incredible fishing holiday location, with anglers coming from all regions of Spain and Europe to fish the water.

It is not unusual to have as many as 15 runs a day on this prolific water with nearly all fish being above the 20lb mark and fish up to 50lb and over possible.

So come and have a go for that fish of a lifetime with Catch Carp Spain.